All of our recorded product by Donna Ulisse and Natasha Borzilova is available for download by radio DJs on AirplayDirect. With the ever increasing costs of postage, we encourage you to consider using this service if your station is set up to receive music digitally. On many of our titles we have a booklet in a PDF format we are happy to email you if you download the music and want all the credits and liner notes in front of you as you play tracks.  If downloading the music for airplay does not work for you, please contact us and we will mail you a physical copy. We want you to have the music to play and appreciate you wanting to play our artists!


If you have a need for station IDs or liners for your show by our artists, please email us a script we will do our best to have it done for you in a timely manner, depending on the artist’s schedule.

All radio inquiries may be directed to Kathy Anderson at