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Welcome to this page where we will share with you the many accomplishments of Donna Ulisse, the songwriter, in regards to the IBMA Songwriter of the Year Nomination Process for 2016.



Donna Ulisse has been very active in bringing songwriting into classrooms and workshops this past year. She has also participated in many songwriting rounds, some for charity events and many as free community events in an effort to expose people to how songwriters share their songs and stories behind songs.  Below is a list of her activities in this area:

  1. Taught two songwriting workshops for the local arts council in Raleigh during IBMA Sept. 2015 at two middle schools.
  2. Participated on a panel about co-writing at the IBMA 2015 conference.
  3. She taught at Megan Lynch’s Nashville Songwriting Camp November 6-7, 2015 concluding with a         Songwriting Round at Carters Vintage Guitars on the 7t
  4. Taught a three day songwriting workshop in Bloomingdale, Indiana October 10-12, 2015 and did a free songwriting round for the community on the 11th.
  5. Taught a songwriting workshop at Charlotte Bluegrass Festival in Charlotte, MI in June 2015.
  6. Taught a 3 day songwriting workshop in Strawberry Point, IA as part of the annual Strawberry Jam Camp in July 2015.
  7. Taught a three day songwriting workshop in Yorktown, VA on July 29-31, 2015 with a free songwriting round for the community on August 1, 2015.
  8. Taught a three day songwriting workshop in Flagler Beach, FL Jan. 28-30, 2016 and did a songwriting round as a fundraiser for a local charity supporting the homeless.
  9. Taught a songwriting workshop at SPBGMA for Bluegrass Stars of Tomorrow in Jan. 2016.
  10. Taught a day long songwriting workshop to students at Glenville State College on May 6, 2016 in Glenville, WV




Song 1. 


Listen to “I Am A Drifter by clicking here. 

I Am A Drifter debuted at  #15 in the monthly Bluegrass Today chart in May 2016. 


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Song 2.

Grow OldBanner2_edited-1


Song 3


Listen to “My Portion and My Cup” by clicking here. 


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Song 4


Listen to The Stained Glass Window by clicking here. 


Songs 5 through 15


Listen to the songs on Hard Cry Moon by clicking here 









AmazonHot New Releases



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Song 16




americana Rhythm_edited-1




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