Accolades in abundance for Donna Ulisse’s “All The Way To Bethlehem

“If you buy only one new Christmas album this year, make it “All The Way to Bethlehem.” – Dan McIntosh/Country Standard Time

“All The Way To Bethlehem” is not your run of the mill Christmas album.” -Derek Halsey/Herald-Dispatch/Huntington, WV

“Her energetic and moving song cycle captures the emotions of every character in the biblical story found in Luke 1-3 of the events leading up to and surrounding Jesus’ birth.” -Henry L. Carrigan/Engine 145

“Anyone looking for a fresh take on Christmas albums this holiday season won’t go wrong with this collection.” – John Goad/

“This isn’t just another Christmas album. Donna Ulisse has written a song cycle that has been thought-out and given caring attention to detail that surpasses most others.” -Greg Victor/

“The Christmas story and something more, All The Way To Bethlehemtranscends not only the time frame of its narrative but our own time as well. As much a literary as a musical event, it belongs, at once, to all seasons and to the ages.” -David McGee/Bluegrass Special

“Listening to the words of these songs provides a wonderful insight into the journey and conditions during which Christ was born. A masterpiece!” -David Foster/Bluegrass Unlimited

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