Donna Ulisse invited to be “Daughter of Bluegrass”

L to R: Becky Schlegel, Jana Dolakova Mougin, Miss Dixie Hall, Rebekah Long, Donna Ulisse & Jeanette Williams

Hadley Music artist Donna Ulisse was thrilled to get a call from Miss Dixie Hall to sing on her upcoming Daughters of Bluegrass project. The project will be a boxed set of songs written by Dixie Hall and Tom T. Hall. All of the instrumentation and vocals are provided by women in the Bluegrass music arena.

Donna had an added thrill when one of her longtime vocal favorites Fayssoux McLean drove in from South Carolina to sing harmony with her and then found out that Pam Tillis added her voice to the tune also!

Fayssoux McLean and Donna Ulisse

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